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2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe

Technology comes passing by. The old one is replaced by the new one. And technology walks so fast. Once you space out, you will probably need to catch up wheat you have left. Well, that is what happens when you talk about cars. Cars are closely related to technology because it builds with technology. And when technology walks so fast, the development in cars will also follows the speed. Well, as nowadays technology seems racing out, there are many cars that you may like to watch out. It can be because of the brand names which you have known for so long and the trust you put for this brand or it can be from the specifications that you have waited to have in a long time. Well, knowing that your favorite brand of car is about to launch, you will have some expectation and also enthusiasm on what they will probably offer. Well, if you know about famous brands, you will know also about Cadillac. This company has been a great company in offering great cars to the consumers. Many have been satisfied with the specification that this company has given in years. Well, if you like this company, you will like to take a look at 2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe.
To start the great of this car, you may like to know that this car empower with standard horsepower which is add 14 additional with some styling as well as equipment changes in this car. The last direct injection of 3.6 liter V-6 now can put into 318 horsepower. This is because of the changes in intake including the larger valves, tweaked camshaft and revised ports that makes the intake valves can open linger than it used to. If it is compared to the last year machine of 3.6l V-6, the newest’ iteration is 21 pounds lighter. All of it is from 12 pounds which are saved by the used of the exhaust manifolds and the heads, 5.5 is from the using plastic intake of last year’s aluminum piece and 2 pounds out of lighter-weight front accessory-drive cover. The base on 270 hp, 3.0lit V-6 is used later. However, the manual transmission is no longer available in the 3.6 lit machine. Well, otherwise, you know that you can get a great car already with these specifications.
Following the modernization of moving files these days, this car is supported with Bluetooth for all models of 2012 CTS. This car really shows the luxury they like to offer by polishing the car with 19-inch wheels that enables you to run fast and Recaro seats for comfort with the 3.6-liter Touring models while pearl-nickel-finished 18s and the regular standard seats is for the model of 3.0 liter. The line-wide appearance changes are not as wideas the previous models. The doors handles are with the chromes exterior that can give it more luxury for the view. And that is what you like to know about 2012 Cadillac CTS coupe before you decide on buying new car.