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2012 Range Rover Evoque

When you talk about new cars, you will like to talk about the new machine that you will be able to take a ride on the street. You will like to talk about how the cars will feel like under your hand. You will like to talk about the new look of the cars. And you will also like to compare it with another car and see how the cars can compete. You will imagine, maybe, that you have a particular new car and see how luxury it can be in your hand and make anyone in the street feel jealous. Well, before you can decide which one is the best car among all, you will like to have a closer look to the cars. And you will not want to miss out this one: 2012 Range Rover Evoque. Car from Land Rover is always worth to notice. You will always like to see how Land Rover does this time in managing the machine that you may buy. Well, Land Rover has launched the press release for their SUV of the next year. It states that the compact crossover can exceed conservative ideas on sport vehicle. And it will combine both sporty style and agility with the power of off-road competence and utility.
In its testing, 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque is ahead of another car in the terms of refinement, style, and engineering. The style shows its sport side and also the luxury that will make everyone turns their heads to see the car. Some specific areas of compliments have been placed for the sloping roofline that makes plenty of headroom. Its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and adaptable suspension that is well-sorted. 2012 Range Rover Evoque is 2- or 4-door car and 5 passengers can come in the luxury sport car which is in two trims. Those trims are supported with a standard ofRange turbo engine for 240-horsepower, 2.0 liter, I4,. Automatic transmission in the car is 6-speed standard. With this automatic transmission, you can imagine how smooth it will be in your hand. You will be able to feel it under your seat. The Land Rover has made sure that their model of Evoque will hit the market with great success. It is proven on how it is nominated as the North American Truck of the Year award which will be presented in January at 2012 Detroit Auto Show.
With this nomination of a great event of automobile, you will know that they give you many expectations to the customers to get it quick. Well, seeing that Land Rover Range has a famous name on its field, people will expect to see many great technologies added to this car with high quality. Seeing the trust that people give to the brands, of course, Land Rover will put their best effort in offering great vehicle. And with the pricing which has shown the quality of its car, it makes sense that Land Rover Range sees costumers’ convenience as their top priority.

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