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2012 Saab 9-3 Convertible

Among of those great names in luxury rent a car in Miami, Saab has been a popular name because of their unique fashion of designing their car. Their special design of car has attracted many car lovers. However, good to know that their great design of car is supported with the great engine they have inside the cars. Well, this Swedish car brings new breath in the automobile. And if you have liked their cars, you will have spent months to see their new and upcoming cars in the 20120. If you a Saab lover, you will have probably spent your thoughts on the next 9-4x or even 9-5 series they might launch. However, they still launch 9-3. But you can relax as they know how to spoil the customers with their new 9-3 line up of SportCombi, sedan, and also their convertible body styles. In their new 9-3 convertible, Saab has changed 2.0 turbo from the 9-5 from the 2.0 lit turbo four. The new engine produces 258 lb of torque and 220 horsepower compared from last year’s 221 lb-ft and210 hp. Their six speed standard manual transmission is supported by front wheel drive which is the standard of their models. And with their six-speed automatic transmission, Saab promises a comfort in riding their cars of all-wheel drive options and all models. 9-3X wagon with the all-wheel-drive of brings you the same changes of engine.
In celebrating a year of anniversary of Saab’s independent operation, Saab gives the convertible the independence of getting the entire engine great. The cars’ appearance start from the Griffin Aero drop tops and some orange paint, then they put the interior with beige leather and orange trim and also leather look like carbon fiber in some spots like door handles, handbrake lever, dash, and shift knob. They also give unique boost gauge with18-inch wheels are their choice on giving the riders the most comfort. With the option you can choose whether you like in on automatic or manual transmission, you will have your driving experience really fun. it is not only that. They have made their new front fascia cover larger and also unique trapezoidal cutouts they make for the fog lights. Metallic trim is put on to all over Turbo4 models’ interior and faux-carbon-fiber are for the interior of Aero. With all of these specifications, the riders are expected to have a great experience in riding their cars.
The pricing that Saabs has put for this car also makes sense. For the great specifications and maybe also the expectation, Saab put the price around $39,490 – $46,080 MSRP and $38,503 – $44,237 invoice. With this price, anyone who wants to order their cars for Saab can just have a specific price for the new car. Saab promises a good engine and therefore, they promise a good future for your riding. With heir unique design, people will recognize you on the street and with the good engine that allows you with manual or automatic transmission; you will get a package of comfortable car.

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