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2012 Volvo S60

Getting real on the car choices that you can take to the street is really important. If you care about getting a great luxury car rental in Miami that can show your class and the highest comfort that you can have, you talk about car like Volvo. Well, the first time people hear the name, they will think about the nice polished car with great engine inside. That is what you will think either when you talk about Volvo. Well, bearing this great popularity will make them always try their best effort to make the best car. And that is proven on their 2012 S60 sedan. This is the luxury car you talk about and you want. The comfort that you will have from this car of course is better compared to the comfort you have from the previous Volvo car. This car is a car with 4 doors which can let 5 passengers to sit comfortably inside this luxury sedan. It can be in 3 trims withT5 to T6 R-design AWD.
T5 is supported with the standard of turbo engine, 250 hp, 2.5-liter, I5 which can catch up to 20-mpg when you ride it in the rural and 30-mpg when you ride it on the highway. This engine enables you to have the options of smooth ride whether you are on the crowded road or pretty quite road. T6 R-design AWD is supported with the standard 325 hp, I6, 3.0 liter, turbo engine which can be better and stronger than the first. A 6-speed standard automatic transmission you can get in both trims. 2012 Volvo S60 is probably the best Volvo ever created. With two framework settings, S60 can give you more driving support with the Advanced Stability Control. You can even get naughty in the road by choosing the Sport-mode. This streamlined and sleek car is available to be added with spoilers, color-coordinated body moldings, revised front grille, sporty tailpipes, and also stylish rims. With all of those additions, you will get the most amazing Volvo ever. And from the specifications that have been described, you can see that this car is although it is powerful; the design is really sleek and does not seem too rough. The impressive power of Volvo S60 offers you a range of horsepower and of toque. And this is probably the most powerful Volvo ever.
And above all the powerful engine they have and also the sleek design that covers it, Volvo S60 is supported with City Safety so that although you can ride so fast, you will never miss out people who walk unexpectedly across your path. It is the first world Pedestrian Technology that will save you from any car accident. So, you can get the speed without getting yourself on a bad luck of accident. As the best-in-class leader in different categories of luxury sedan, S60 proves its efficiency with 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds on 30 mpg acceleration. With this, you get a light wheel under your hand. And with 5 year warranty, well, it probably has been the best coverage plan.

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