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2013 Dodge Dart with New Engine and System

2012 Detroit Auto Show has begun and several luxury car brands show their latest car. This is including Dodge which promotes their new car known as 2013 Dodge Dart. Compact cars become the latest trend and you can still find such kind of model at Detroit Auto Show. Just like what 2013 Dodge Dart offers to you. This car is designed in compact size and they want to grab compact sedan market. Dodge is trying to meet the need of small families who want to drive a compact car to support their activities.

Although Dodge Dart is considered as a new car but several things on the detail are contemporary. For example, you will see contemporary roofline and hood line applied in this car. Of course, you can also see something new applied there such as several things installed on the interior of 2013 Dodge Dart. Two things you can see inside the car are thin film transistor and UConnect Touch for touch screen system. How about the physical appearance of this new car? Dodge Dart is made 183 inches long and it is also designed 72 inches wide. With this physical appearance this car is considered about 3.200 pounds weight. It will be incomplete without discussing about the engine of this latest car. Actually, this car is supported by four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liter capacity. By the support from this type of engine Dodge Dart can produce up to 160 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque.

In this case, 2013 Dodge Dart is trying to fulfill the need of the drivers who want to drive a fuel economy car and high performance car. There is also a design with supported by turbo charge to increase the level of horsepower and torque. At first, the engine of this car is known as Tiger Shark. From the name we can predict that Dodge wants to show that the engine is as strong as tiger and shark. But they want to introduce a better car with more noise and vibration measurement. This is the reason Dodge Dart designed with reworked version of GEMA or World Engine. Fuel efficiency is one of their focuses and the MultiAir Technology shows that they are really serious in designing this car for comfortableness and satisfaction. Although the design of the car is not totally new but at least the improvement shows that Dodge wants to present better car for their drivers in the future and the description above gives a little bit overview of their new car.

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