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America’s Best Selling Luxury Cars on Demand

The rapid growth of world’ economy, the uprising of rich people and the development in auto industry mark a significant number of luxury car sale. Nowadays, it’s not a surprise if you see more people are able to own luxury car that costs millions. The growing purchasing power of people and the need of self-actualization are the reason behind it. Even though the consumers are growing a lot, the auto industry keeps being led by the same manufacturers over years. Luxury cars have their own brands that the high sale of Honda and Nissan can’t promise they can do similar thing like BMW when it comes to this special market.
USA is still leading the highest luxury cars consumption ranking in the world and BMW 3-series and 4-series gets the position as the top rank on demand with 8512 units sold last year. On second rank, Lexus RX follow with 7501 units of sale. The third and fourth rank are belong to Mercedes Benz’s E- Class and C-Class. On the top list, you may see the reign of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Lexus in general, with sometimes Acura and Cadillac tried to get in the way. This is most likely influenced by the name of the brand. Consumers tend to come to one trusted brand, even though there might new brand with better specs coming out.
A lot of luxury car rentals are enjoying the moment of rising consumers on luxury car. The affection towards luxury cars is not always showed by the need to own it, but more by tendency to feel it and to show it off, says the expert. Miami luxury car rental, for example, it enjoys the gain from those psychological effects. They can put Roll-Royce at $1,699 a day or Lamborghini at $1,399 a day and people still keeps coming over and over.

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