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Astonishing Design of BMW i8

2014-bmw-i8-wallpapers-42BMW is one of the most famous brand names of car that you might find these days. This manufacturer has produced various types of car for various purposes from family cars, sports cars, eve to supercars. One of the best cars that have ever created by BMW is BMW i8. This new sports coupe from BMW has everything that you need. This car offers a classy look with unique modern design and an impressive performance. As you can see at miami luxury car rental, BMW i8 is also considered as one of the most advanced sports coupes that you might find these days. This car is definitely a perfect example of the combination between technology and style.

One of the most interesting things about BMW i8 is its design. The design of this car shows a quite dramatic change from the trademarks that are usually used on the BMW cars. BMW i8 came with more modern shape and quite futuristic details. The twin-kidney grilles which are located on the front part of the car are still existed. However, the other details of the exterior came with quite surprisingly design that are not only look more excellent but also offers great aerodynamic touch as well. The interior of this car also came with ultra-modern style as well. The design of the interior might be quite simple and minimalist. However, unique details still could be found such as the unconventional materials that are used as covers in the cabin and reclaimed wood veneer.
Performance is also an important aspect in this new BMW i8. This car came with magnificent engine that could produce great power and transmission that works perfectly. The handling is very smooth and the drivetrain allows you to drive comfortably. You could visit miami luxury car rental to find the rest of the details about this excellent sports coupe from BMW. In this place, you also could find other choices of sports car and supercar with great deal as well.

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