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Audi A4 Convertible in GP Luxury Rental

Finding a good car rental is sometimes confusing because there are many offers out there with different price and you just do not know enough about their car choices along with the policy that they apply. Before you make a decision about where to rent a car, you had better gather the information about some car rentals to compare, but if you are looking for car rental which provide luxurious cars in world class, then you do not need to go anywhere because we have all the cars that you need. GP Luxury Rental is providing many kinds of cars that match your high standard, including Audi A4 convertible which is included to the class of high-end cars. This vehicle has 1.8-2.0 turbo 4 cylinder or 3.0.3 L V-6 engine which gives you high performance. The engine size depends on the year of the model. This car is a great choice for you like sporty style with elegant touch which is showing your value and pride. When driving this car you will feel its comfort along with the attractiveness as you and other people look at it. In world standard most people would surely like it; the car would drag people’s attention as you are driving it on the streets.
When it comes to luxurious car, surely you would not deny convertible model which gives you more flexibility. The material construction of Audi A4’s convertible is available in two options. The first one is Haartz German A5 which is actually the original one, and the second option is Twillfast RPC acoustic. This last one has lower price compared to the original option. If you have been dreaming of driving this elegant and sporty Audi A4 convertible to have fun in big cities then you will find it at Miami Car rental which is specializing in providing high standard vehicles. For the original convertible type, you will get silkier material along with high durability and the look that is undoubtedly stunning. Meanwhile, the other one has enhanced material and it can be your choice if you have limited budget yet still want the convertible which looks like the original type. The construction of the Haartz convertible is actually identical with the original one so you will get the same feel of luxury without spending too much cash.
Like other luxurious cars in its class, Audi A4 convertible does not create much noise. It is quiet because the vehicle is completed with high level acoustic A5 material. If you would like to compare this car to other models by Audi, you will see the difference from the design aspect, where this car has distinctive window design. In our Luxury Car rental you can check the aspects to make sure that the cars’ performance really works as well as it is written. The design specification of Audi A4 convertible is something that you do not need to doubt about because it delivers the touch of modernity and simplicity that suit your lifestyle. You can directly go to our site to see more vehicle options available.