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Audi A6, Second Place of 2013 Luxury Cars in the World

Audi A6 S line/StandaufnahmeAs a lover of luxury car, you must be pretty updated with the types and brands of new cars with a high enough value on the market in 2013, isn’t it? One of them is the Audi A6 from the luxurious car brand Audi. The output of the Audi brand car is indeed always a car that has the well-heeled who are looking for luxury and comfort while they are driving cars with the international scale. This Audi A6 car included in The 2013 Top 14 Luxury Cars and won as the number 2 car of the 14 luxurious cars in the world. This list is retrieved from the records of the motorist and the price of luxury cars were registered in 14 luxury cars in 2013.
Audi A6 has very sophisticated specifications so it could raise its position to no. 2 in the world. What are some of the sophistication that is owned by Audi? According to the Consumer Guide, Audi A6 excels of sophistication that strikes its performance-oriented by comparing it to the BMW 5-Series and E-Class Benz. Ride comfort as well as an elegant look that is carried by the Audi is adding to your driving experience. Not only that, safety is also a high esteem by the world famous car brands.
Has a 4-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged V6, Audi A6 excels in acceleration and economic fuel price owned by a V6. Audi A6 is using a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) in the body of the car that make it more nimble and very light when ridden by the driver. Critics say that Audi is very easy to be driven and brakes which have very perfect. This car has 10 stereo speakers with Bluetooth and iPod can interfering the driver makes it easy to listen to music with the sound quality was amazing.

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