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Auto Fans have Many New Rides Worth to Wait For Next 2012

The automotive stuff is always attractive to be discussed. There are always new things revealed by the automotive companies. They always have special offers at special occasions like New Year. They always keep some dirty little secrets about new rides to release on the next year. Some may have been known more as public secret rather than the private one. It is because the high enthusiasms shown by auto fans that make the companies feel just fine to give them some clues.
Today, it is not a difficult task to find the fresh news about automotive. People can simply access the internet to get the up-to-date releases from their favorite auto companies. The upcoming New Year is special moment when auto fans can expect new cars release. Leading auto companies like Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, Ford Focus and others will release new models that will be friendlier to the environment as the commitment to support the go green movement. Grand Cherokee will keep producing the favorite 4×4 auto, STR8 model. The offered price of this car is about $45,000. Hyundai Veloster sport car will be another surprise for auto fans. About $20,000 will make this car get ready to ride. It is constructed to be more economical for its fuel consumption. Although it is not a hybrid auto model, its light 1.6-liter engine will just need a gallon of fuel to reach 40 miles. The simple design let it keep the lightweight. The next secret is revealed by Subaru. This company releases new model with fame name Subaru XV. The surprises can be found both on the style and engineering. Space and quality are both important things will be caught by eyes on its interior. The roomy compartment allows every passenger enjoys the gathering moment on the moving car. The Large Multi Function Display (LMD) helps the driver take control when driving. There are more stories can be shared about this new model from Subaru. The perfect combination of both interior and exterior designs allows a family with 5 members experiences the comfortable and safe journey.
One of the leading auto companies, Nissan won’t miss the special chance to give fans the best surprise for 2012. Nissan Sentra offers the dreamed comfort on driving with the new technology applied. It is designed spaciously for active people. It is completed with Bluetooth based equipment, the hands-free of phone system on its navigation system and also monitor for rearview. There are three different packages will be offered to be attached on the preferred model. They are Technology Package, Convenience Package and Special Edition Package. The last one is the result of the Convenience, Technology and Moonroof packages combination. Thinking about the “go green” car, Mitsubishi may have the special model for this great movement. Evo XI will be the result of renovation for the past Evo model. It is issued that this new auto model from Mitsubishi will use the electric hybrid engine. Well, those are just some samples of new cars expected to release next 2012. Auto fans still have more surprises worth to wait for.

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