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Best Car of 2013, Mercedes Benz E-Class 2013

2013-Mercedes-E-Class-3Mercedes Benz E-Class luxury car, which was always considered a very luxurious car with the international scale, is now comeback with its 2013 edition. E-series cars from Mercedes Benz have a lot of features that are very well liked by the luxury cars lovers in the world. With a balanced car performance and a much more luxurious and comfortable interior than its predecessor, Mercedes Benz E-Class ranked No. 1 as the most luxurious and the most sought after cars in the year 2011 to 2014. This car has not only advanced in its machine but also with the interior as well. E-Class of 2013 always get first place since it was issued on 2007. Whether it is diesel or hybrid versions, Benz E-Class is always ranked as a superior car in its class.
This car had the most advanced machine with the strength that is supported by the base V6 power. E350 has the power base that is equivalent to 20/30 mpg city/highway, which is already used in luxury sedan cars in its class like a Mercedes Benz E-Class exodus 2013. However, this elegant and luxurious car is not a sport car, so it does not including a supported machine by suitable engine specifications to serve as a sports car.
With an average price of $ 46,443 to $ 85,078 which is not a cheap price even compared with the other Mercedes Benz cars, Benz E-Class with the most recent output is already certain to be the newest luxurious expensive cars that beat several other luxury cars from its competitors. The Survey says that, “you’ll never find a package that is luxurious compared to Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2013 edition,” quoted from Kelley Blue Book. This proved that Mercedes Benz E-Class deserved the title as the 1st most luxurious car in 2013 with its engine and interior design.

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