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Best Elegant Car for Your Date

2011_bentley_continental_gt_31-4c86ea6f470d0One day, you want to enjoy life with the provision that you get. Perhaps, one of the things you want to do is surround the city with a luxury car. Could it happen? Well, you may realize that some services, such as miami luxury car rental. Even, you can look and style with your vehicle. In the meantime, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity while going out with your loved ones. Of course it is not wrong and you can do anything as long as you can. Well, what’s your choice for a date? Here are two of the best choices you can take as a luxury vehicle.
McLaren MP4-12C
For the first option, you can glance at McLaren MP4-12C. This car has a beautiful selection of stunning colors. You can look at the two doors that can be opened up. With a special appearance, you will not be sorry when you invite a couple to drive this vehicle. Actually, the price of the car is USD239.400. Of course, there are few people who can buy these vehicles. However, you still have a chance to try a V8 engine, with a capacity 3.800cc. It also has 616 horsepower with a maximum speed of 329 km / h. During the trip, you can enjoy the art facilities that captivated many people.
Bentley Continental GT Speed
Well, what’s the next option? This time, you can see a beautiful product from the UK. This is a Bentley Continental GT Speed. This car has power of 616 horsepower and you can be sure that you will be comfortable to drive on the street. Over 328 km/h, you will get a flawless best with your partner. Even, this car has a dual turbocharged W12 engine, with a capacity 6.000cc. Well, whatever your choice, be sure that you will be able to enjoy your date in an unforgettable experience with an elegant car.

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