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BMW 5 Series Offer 6 Trims of Luxury Cars

BMW is a well known brand of car. This brand is well known for its luxury cars. That is why most of people who look for luxury car will consider to opt for cars from BMW. The latest car series from BMW is 2015 series. The 5 series is 4 door luxury sedan that can accommodate five passengers in the car. This series is available in 6 variants include 528i, 528i xdrive, 535i, 535i xdrive, 550i, and 550i xdrive. Each trim of course has different features from another trim. Actually, the 2012 BMW 5 series is carryover of 2011. All of these models are equipped with powerful engine to provide powerful performance to drive.
The 528i model is powered by standard 2.0 liter of I – 4 engine that is able to provide 240 hp. The turbo engine achieves 23 mpg when it is used in the city while if it is used in the highway it needs 34 mpg. Today, the 5 series BMW has been marketed. You can also rent this car from miami luxury car rental that is only renting luxury cars for their customers. So if you want to test drive or just want to drive luxury cars, you can rent it from Miami car rental.
In addition to the 528i type, the 550i xDrive is also equipped with different engine. It comes with standard 4.4 liter V8 engine to provide 400 hp. This performance of course is much better rather than the 528i type. The EPA estimated of the 550i xDrive is 15 mpg for the city while in the highway is 20 mpg. The transmission that is used in this car is 8 speed automatic transmission as the standard for the trims. The price for the BMW 5 series is start from $ 46.900 for the 528i model up to $ 64.300 for the 550i Xdrive.

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