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BMW Active Hybrid 7 L, Special United States Edition

BMW 750d XDRIVEBMW, German car producer has taken the heart of many people with their various cars. There are various models which make BMW as one of the most favorites cars. BMW is luxurious but many of the models are still affordable comparing to many more exclusive cars. This is because BMW produces models which are in wide range of prices to meet various market demands. Besides producing luxurious cars, BMW also puts effort to make eco-friendly car. One of its eco-friendly cars is BMW Active Hybrid 7 and its variant limited in the Unites States BMW Active Hybrid 7L.
BMW Active Hybrid 7L comes across with engine with 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder (N55) producing 235kW. This engine replaces V8 model which is stronger and suitable with eco-friendly goal rather than V8. Other hybrid components are 40 kW/55 hp synchronous electric motor, hybrid specification eight-speed automatic transmission, lithium-ion batteries and power electronics that support intelligent energy management. It has 349 horse powers and torque 367 pound feet. This great car can be got in miami luxury car rental. This sedan is luxurious and appointed. People will feel comfortable in quiet ride quality. The handling is confident inspiring. It is only the cabin which is similar to lesser BMW model. This is great car to use in 2013 because of it is not only luxurious but also eco friendly suitable with what people prefer nowadays.
Eco-friendly Car
Eco-friendly car is important to reduce emission in the earth. This 7L version is friendlier than its predecessor so this is great admirable alternative car. In the United States where emission has become great issue like in many other countries, eco-friendly car is very recommendable. This is why in Miami, people need to choose car like BMW Active Hybrid 7 L. IT is great opportunity because the US gets chance to be the market of this car.4

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