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BMW X3 Gain More Popularity

As we all know, BMW is a well known and luxury type of car. It is originated and produced in Germany. From the first time BMW car has been produced until now, it always receive positive respond in wide market. The type and model of BMW is also varied. From year to year, the company always launches new car type with improvement in many aspects. A true BMW maniac has to follow the development of this amazing car. In the end of 2011, the BMW Company has already launched new type of BMW car. In order to add your reference, the news will be explained to you briefly in this article. The type of new car meant is called BMW X3. What are the features about it? Why does it become more and more popular? Are you getting more curious about the info? Let’s take a look the news here.
BMW is always innovative in producing their new type of car. This BMW X3 has been produced in Germany and it has started gain attention. This positive trend continues not only in German itself. However, it is spread to Europe, Middle East, and also Egypt. The central of BMW itself is located in Munich. The company has tried to make this car special and finally it receives positive respond. There are two models of this BMW X3 Luxury Car. The first type is called xDrive20i, whereas the second type of the car is called xDrive35d. Both types of the car employ special turbo engine system. It is resulted in the improvement of speed and also the efficiency of fuel consumption. This BMW X 3 car is categorized as sport activity car type. It is suitable for dynamic and active people. It has good design and you will be comfortable in riding the car.
Increasing fuel consumption efficiency isn’t the only innovation made by this BMW type. Through this type of car, BMW has tried to produce car which is friendly to environment. It is done by controlling the amounts of CO 2 emissions. How about the speed itself? Categorized as sport activity car, of course this car has incredible speed level. It is integrated with 8 levels of automatic transmissions. Aluminum is applied in certain part of the car. It will make the car lighter and faster. With those advantages, the car has been ready to compete in the worldwide car market. The demand of this car is high in all around the world.

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