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Cadillac Escalade Available at Luxury Car Rental

It is not difficult if you need to find the solution for transportation need when you have no available car because car rentals are everywhere. To save your time you can easily have a search online and compare the price and vehicles offered by various car rentals. Make sure that you have understood the policy and specification of the car before you make a decision about it. If the car that you are looking for is one with luxurious type, then you do not need to go anywhere because we have all high-end vehicles that would surely fit your lifestyle, including Cadillac Escalade. Our car rental has the best selections of engine along with elegant look that matches your taste and standard. Before getting on the driver’s seat it is better that you firstly find out the specifications of Cadillac Escalade. For you who need a vehicle to carry your family for vacation, this is the perfect choice because the vehicle can carry 8 passengers. Because of its big capacity, Cadillac Escalade is also able to carry heavier load. Despite of its big size, this car still brings you the stylish look and luxurious touch from the design. It has 4 models that you can choose from. Every time new is launched you will see that there are some improvements compared to the previous ones to make your driving time more convenient and comfortable.

From the aspect of the engine, this car has 5.7 liter Vortec V8 which supports the performance. The first generation actually only had 5 seats before it was added to be 8 seats. Miami Car rental has the options of Cadillac Escalade in various generations. Atotrac selectable 4×4 is offered in all models of the car’s first generation. Automatic transmission is applied in all of Cadillac Escalade first generation so you would not find manual transmission in this category. From the interior design, you can see the seats that are covered with leather; completed with the logo of Escalade which make the look more beautiful. Not only from the engine and design aspects, but this car also offers the facility for your entertainment. Bose surround system is there to support the audio system; making your travel time always fine. There will be no more boring driving sessions because you can enjoy your favorite music in high quality sound.

If you are looking for more options of Cadillac Escalade you can consider using the second generation which is delivered in several models that are also available in Luxury Car rental. To maintain the safety when driving, this model has stability control along with the pedal that is power-adjustable. Other features offered by Cadillac Escalade second generation are XM satellite radio and monitoring system for tire pressure. The third generation is improved with several new features to support your driving comfort, such as climate control, memory system, remote engine start, cruise control, and many more. Whatever type of luxurious car you are looking for, you can be sure that you will find it in our car rental.