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Before you Ship by Car Transportation

Car TransportationBefore you go to have you car transported by a car shipping company you should check and make sure that your car is running properly and that it does not have any problems. Inspect the car and make sure that it is in good operating condition before you have it shipped. If your vehicle does not run then additional fees will be including for your vehicle having to be pushed on and off the transport trailer. You should always let your transport company know of any changes made to your vehicle.

The ground clearance of your vehicle must not be too low because of safely loading and unloading your vehicle. You should give a contact number to the car transport company so that you can be contacted if need be until your vehicle arrives at its destination. The car transport company should know information about your vehicle and where it will be going so that they can give you a shipping quote. The more information that you give them about your vehicle the more accurate shipping quote they can give.

The transit time of your vehicle will depend on the destination it is going to and other things like the time of year and so on. You will get an estimated time of delivery from the transport company. Your car will need to be inspected for leaks before you have it shipped by the car transport company. So that it will not drip fluids on another persons car while in transit. Other things like securing or removing loose items inside and on your car and removing your personal belonging left in the car should be done.

Sometimes things can become loose when transporting your car so make sure they are secure before hand. The battery in your car should be charged and secure. You vehicle should be washed before you take it to the car transport company. This will allow you to make note of any pre existing scratches and dents.

You fuel tank should be low on gas and you car alarm system should be disabled. If your car alarm system is not disabled it could go off and run your battery down. You should get your car prepared for arriving in another weather climate if need be by adding fluids. If you are going to a hot climate your may want to add a coolant. And if you are going to a cold climate then you should add antifreeze to your car. A set of keys to your car should be given to the car transport company. The antenna on your car should be removed or retracted so that it does not get torn off or scratch another vehicle. You vehicle must be inspected for pickup and delivery to confirm its condition.

You should have a trouble free time when using a car transport company. Just take certain steps to make your car shipping go the way it should. These are just a few of the things that you may need to know before you have your car shipped by a car transport company.

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