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Choosing the Right Car for Rent in Miami

When you are traveling to a distant place and you cannot bring your own private vehicle, renting a car is a very good decision. By renting a car, you can remove all hassles that you might experience if you use public transportation means to accommodate your transportation needs. Renting a luxury car is also a smart decision especially if you are a metrosexual who concerns very much about your lifestyle and panache. However, in order to make your renting activity really beneficial, you should be able to choose the right car rental company from which you will rent the car and you should be smart in choosing the car that you are going to rent.
If you are visiting Miami, you don’t have to worry about finding a reputable Miami car rental company that can let you rent a luxury car because as one of the warmest cities in the United States, Miami always attracts visitors throughout the year and therefore all tourists’ accommodations within, including car rental service, are always available and prevailing. Choosing a rental company entirely depends on your preference but it is recommended that you rent a car from a company which you have heard, one whose reputation is well acknowledged, one which is recommended by your colleagues, one which has a good BBB rating, or one which has a large chain.
After choosing a rental company, you should decide the car that you are going to rent. Luxury cars are certainly numerous, but if you want to rent one which is well known for its versatility, safety, unique design, and convenience, choosing Mini Cooper is highly advisable. This car was featured in the box office movie “the Italian Job” and was the one driven by Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron. If you’ve ever watched that movie, you surely know how attractive this car is and how driving it can be very exciting and classy. Classiness and excitement are not the only aspects that you get when you drive this car. Its compact design makes Mini Cooper one among the most favorable cars to be driven by urban dwellers who are often troubled by traffic jams and limited parking spaces. Because of its compactness, Mini Cooper can overcome those troubles quite easily. That’s the reason why choosing this car can always give you many benefits especially if you use it to accommodate your transportation needs around Miami metropolitan area.
When you are going to rent a Mini Cooper car, you can rent either the Cooper or the Cooper S version of the car. The former is powered by a 118-hp engine while the latter is powered by a 172-hp engine. The latter is also equipped with all luxurious features of a BMW car because it is manufactured and promoted by that famous German automobile industry. Mini Cooper is also favored because of its remarkable safety features. A Mini Cooper car is equipped with side and cabin-length head airbags that corroborate it to achieve a 5-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating. The versatility, classiness and safety of this car make renting it from any luxury car rental company in Miami can really give you a traveling experience that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.