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Consumers’ Identical Behavior towards Luxury Cars

Recent research shows that international motor show can sell 7,500 tickets in average and it keeps on increasing. The famous Detroit International Motor Show can sell more than said number. Motor show itself has been a normal event held in even developing countries nowadays. It shows how people in today’s generation show significant interest on luxury cars. In the past, the ownership of luxury cars showed which class you are in, but today, driving luxury car tells people that you are rich and trendy. When the fashion is still identified as trend standard, luxury car is following it. It’s not because you are a successful businessman anymore, since young people without job are also comfortably driving it today.
Nielsen shows that people’s lifestyle buys more luxury cars than the salary can do. It explains why last year, Geneva Motor Show was a hit and a lot of people put interest in Bentley and Rolls Royce. In China itself, the growth of luxury car consumption per year reached 36%! The uprising of rich people in developing countries has changed their lifestyles and luxury cars are being one of the tools to show their current lifestyle. However, in developed area like Britain, the luxury car sale shows a decrease. People are more interested in low-emission car than the trendy one. BMW lost the sale of 1,500 pound last year.
The US’s luxury car market is quite stable. The economy of the country is up and down, and people living in US are so diverse. The number of immigrants is also increasing, so it’s hard to make a pattern of luxury car consumption in that country. However, it means a gain for luxury car rental at once. A lot of Miami luxury car rental, for example, receives many consumers each year. Maybach 57 is at $2,000 daily and people keeps wanting it. US are still a melting pot of people coming in and out, so the luxury car market is quite stable.

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