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Driving the Audi R8 like Tony Stark in the Iron Man Movie

Audi_R8-silverAre you obsessed with the movie Iron Man? When we see this film will be on view car driven by Tony Stark with the Audi R8. This sports car has had a proven blend of luxury and speed so that it can win on the race with Rolls Royce. This luxury car has been proved by amazing promotional films through amazing like Date Night or Iron Man.

The Concept Embodied by Peter Schreyer

Seeing the car design Audi R8 like seeing a car that can only be realized in the picture .And all the statements that have been ignored by the company Audi. They proved it by creating LED lights on the headlights of the Audi R8. The design of this car was almost perfect with a very elegant look. Engine used in this car consists of two options, among others, the engine 4200 cc and 5200 cc. Both of these types of machines developed by the company do a lot of Lamborghini and Audi. Line dashboard of the Audi R8 has a touch of luxury that very clear.

Audi R8 with Luxury Machine

The outside appearance of the car Audi R8 is very quirky with the bumper on the front and rear of the car. Several designs have been applied to the development of extremely elegant. The system uses the car speed transmission system 7-speed S Tronic, so this car can reach acceleration 0-100 km per hour with only takes less than 5 seconds. Not only is it just because the car is capable of producing power of 230 KW super great with torque reaching 4500 nanometers . With this mix of car Audi R8 can run as fast as you want with a high level of security.

To get this car you would have to require a separate budget. However, all obstacles can be overcome thanks to miami luxury car rental. All luxury car needs can be found at very affordable prices. No need to wait for your savings accumulated over the years that dream car you has left behind the days when you achieve it.

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