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Ferrari California Luxury Car Rental

Deciding to rent a car for vacation is never easy. You need to know exactly the specifications of the car so that the car won’t disappoint you in the trip. Hence, you need to find the best car rental in your holiday destination. For example, when you are about to go to Miami, then you can access Miami luxury car rental where there are a lot of luxurious cars available for you to rent based on your needs. When you go with groups, you can rent a car which can cover the whole passengers. However when you are alone or you go with a person, there will always be excellent car to rent.
Exploring the entire city of Miami with a small but luxury car is great and Miami luxury car rental serves you with Ferrari California. You know how fast it can be so it suits your sports style. Try to drive red Ferrari California and you will know what will happen. Everybody will stare at you and look at their mesmerized look. Convertible still becomes its good point where you can drive along Miami road while bathing in the sunshine. For renting this sports car, you may need around $1800.00 per day or $10000.00 per week. So, prepare your money then.
This type of car can be really comfortable for two passengers. With two doors, the car is formed in front-engine and rear-wheel drive. 7-speed automatic with manual shifting mode is completed with 483 horsepower to push the car up to 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds. Top speed brought by this car is 194 mph so imagine how fast you can drive. Miami luxury car rental satisfies you with sophisticated folding hard-tops this car has. This can be seen from the opening where you can see the screen lifts and swings into the roof panel and then the pair moves together to the boot lid.

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