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Ferrari F430 Spider Car Rental

Vacation has always been an exciting activity for you to do. In order to create your perfect and satisfying vacation, you may need to prepare several things before hands, such as destination, tickets and hotels. You, however, cannot also forget to rent a car in your vacation destination. For instance you are about to go to Miami to see its exotic beaches, then you have to gain the information of Miami luxury car rental for you to refer to. You can adjust the car based on how many guests you go with and what type of luxury car you want. If you go to Miami only with your couple, then find an exclusive car to accompany both of you enjoying the great view of Miami.
Ferrari F430 spider can be your best friend during your trip and you can find it in Miami luxury car rental. This really fits your sport style. The design allows two passengers to be inside of the car along with convertible systems. Although it doesn’t longer appear as latest car as it is a 2010 car, Ferrari F430 spider still can be the one to mesmerize people around you. Don’t call it sports car if it doesn’t send you to a fast and challenging driving. The car is powered by 490 horsepower which can deliver the car into a top speed over 310 km/h or over 193 mph. It also pushes the car to have 0-62 mph sprint in only 4.1 seconds.
Miami luxury car rental gives you opportunity to enjoy driving this standard 4.3 liter vehicle by paying at least $2400 per day. When you and your couple need to rent per week, you may be asked to pay around $17000.00. The price is of course quite high but you will never get disappointed with the driving. Enjoy the nice and picturesque of the city of Miami and meanwhile you are driving one of the most luxury and excellent cars in Miami.

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