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Get Sense of Luxury from BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe the Latest Newly Lyrical

bmw-4seriesBMW has once again proven that their car is actually quite luxurious and exotic. It is evident from the release of the fourth series Gran Coupe which comes with design luxury 2-door convertible and coupe course. When you look at the design of this car it will be reminiscent of its predecessor series BMW 3 series which comes with 4 doors with a combination of Touring and Gran Turismo. This car is very dynamic by giving some more space in the passenger on the back.

BMW 4 Series Coupe has a roof that is longer than the previous series of 4.4-inch with a shape that is slightly sloping and slightly higher in the passenger section. It provides comfort with a touch of unexpected luxury. Display car door a little wider provide a very easy way to support the work of the baggage car electrically. Even the trunk of the car look really very luxurious with the charge reaches 480 liters and the rear passengers are able to provide up to 1300 liters of space.

For Americans this car is provided with 2 engine options such as class 2 turbochanged liter inline-four that could travel at speeds 96km/jam in a short period of less than 6 seconds. You must select the series 428i GC to get this type of car. While another option with a 3-liter inline six turbochanged can go much faster than the series 2 liters which is about less than 5 seconds.

The price offered for the luxury car class is very appropriate between $ 42,000 until $ 44.500 for the other series. But to feel the sensation of high speed of this car series you can get in a very easy way of miami luxury car rental. You do not need to spend huge amounts just to feel the sensation of a luxury car with family or friends. Make sure that your car is worth using this for a special occasion.

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