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International Luxury Car Sale and Rental Market

luxury-carsInternational luxury car sale keeps increasing year by year. The rising of economy and the increase of rich people number are two of the influencing factors. In the luxury car market, the types of consumers are divided into main two, consumer from developed country and consumer from developing country. Consumer coming from developed country tends to love eco-friendly and low-emission luxury car, while consumer coming from developing country tends to choose the latest model of luxury car. The uprising of Brazil, China, India and Russia’s economy marks the increase of luxury car demand.
When we’re talking about luxury car sale, Rolls Royce keeps leading the market over years with its last year’s sale at 3,575 units. Following the hype of Roll Royce, it’s Bentley with its high-end limousine. Bentley got 24% sales growth on last motor show. The luxury car market over years revolve around three big names overall, Mercedes, BMW and Audi, with a little bit touch of GM in European market. The hottest target market now is East Asian countries. China and South Korea show promising high demand on luxury car. Psychologically speaking, the consumers invest a lot of money for luxury car merely because of self-indulgence. The rising of rich people in those countries lead the increase on sale as well.
In the USA, the market is well-divided into the greener car consumer and the high-end car consumer. Rich people in USA have steady growth, so the consumption of luxury car is also stable. American people have their own way to enjoy each luxury car without buying it and delivering it for service every month. The emerging of Miami luxury car rental, for example, enables people to choose their own taste of luxury car every day. These luxury car rentals are scattered in mostly tourism attraction and targeting wealthy tourist as consumers. The price is ranging by the product, brands, production year and the rental service itself.

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