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Lincoln MKZ Combines Luxury and Fuel Efficient

Lincoln MKZ is the latest car from Lincoln. Lincoln actually is a car manufacturer that specializes in luxury cars. The MKZ is a fuel efficient car. You know that today most of car manufacturer s try to produce fuel efficient car in order to provide more energy saving while still maintain luxury and advanced features. Although this car is a fuel efficient vehicle, this car is very powerful with 2.0 liter Atkinson cycle gas engine plus electric motor. With this engine, this car is able to deliver 188 net horsepower. The MKZ is a powerful car. It is proven from its performance that is able to operate up to 62 mph in under normal condition with electric power with no need to use fuel. Of course, it proves that this car is not only luxury but it is also very powerful, so you are still able to drive with this luxury vehicle in the extreme condition.
The EPA estimated of the Lincoln MKZ is 45 mpg in the city and 45 mpg in the highway. Of course it is very fuel efficient. With this perform, it makes the MKZ becomes one of the most fuel efficient car in America. Fuel efficient car today is gaining popularity because people need vehicle which is energy saving. However, rather than you buy luxury car that is very expensive, you can consider to rental it from miami luxury car rental. This car rental is specialize to rent luxury cars. There are a variety of luxury cars you can rent.
The MKZ comes with many attractive features. One of the major features of this car is the retractable panoramic roof. The roof of this car is like nothing you have ever seen before by Lincoln. It is also featured with LED headlamps, which blend function and style.

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