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Lotus Elise: Sporty Car with Supercharger

Tons of people have the desire to make sure that they can have Luxury Car Rental Miami. Well, such cars will help them to reach the destination and when they ride the cars, they will become the center of attention. All people on the road will certainly be impressed by your car and that will give you the pleasure. Well, among the various luxurious cars that you can find out there, if you are trying to get one, you might to get Lotus Elise.

Well, from the appearance itself, you might be able to expect that this car will be really great. The appearance is really sporty. At the first time when the car was launched, it has amazing red color. The sporty design of this car is also added by the fact that it has two doors on the side. The manufacturer also claims that this car is made by considering the aerodynamic matter. Thus, it is sure that you can ride this car in high speed without any worry that the car will go unstable. Then, what about the engine? When you take a look at the condition under the hood, you will find an engine with 1800cc. You will find that such engine will be more than capable of providing great power and performance for you.

The test drive shows that this car can reach its top speed from zero in just a matter of a few seconds. Well, it is all thanks to the additional supercharger which is also installed alongside with the engine. The horse power that can be produced is up to 217 once the supercharger is used. Well, it is sure that you have the interest to ride such car. However, there is no need to spend big amount of money if you want to drive it. Just simply use the service from Miami luxury car rental and you will find that this car belongs to the one that is offered.

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