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Luxury Miami Driving with Ferrari F340 Spider

Miami driving will include beach street driving; and when you drive along the beach you need to feel the wind on your skin and blows your hair. I’m not talking about opening your car window, but I’m talking about convertible. I’m talking about the car which allows girls to see you from outside and it must be something luxury to bring them to you. Yeah, Its Miami Beach man… you need a touch of luxury on your appearance, so you better call Car Rental to get one.

One perfect choice to attract girls is the Ferrari F340 Spider. From the name Ferrari you must know it must be luxury driving, Ferrari never produces ordinary. And this spider is the convertible type of Ferrari F340 class. You better add stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight and additional attraction for the girls. Oops… are you girl? Relax, emancipation put female in the same level as male. You have the right to drive this amazing car and for opposite you will get boys attention with it. Since you come from outside town you can easily call Miami Car Rental for this Ferrari driving.

It is not wrong to rent a car, especially when you rent Ferrari F340 Spider. The outside look of this car is really luxurious with curvy shape and aerodynamic. The rear side is one of attraction with Enzo’s tail lights improvement. If you see the side mirror, you will see the car name carved there. If you bore with the red color as the characteristic of Ferrari car, there is other choice of black color. But of course Ferrari likes to keep the red characteristic in the car seat to attract more eyes.

The aerodynamic shape is complete with downforce improvement, whereas perfect drag coefficient is maintain for the smooth run of the car. You will feel the comfort driving all along the road. The comfort is increase with Brembo-collaborated brakes for longer durability and better heat dissipation performance.

Talking about car will never complete if we never talk about the engine. Pack with the new 4.3 liter V8 petrol engine this Ferrari can reach top speed at 315 km/h; it can deliver the top 483 hp at 8500rpm and at 5250 rpm it has 343lbft of torque. As one top F1 team, Ferrari use direct measurement from F1 engine for best volumetric efficiency.

This is convertible and the roof panel is folds away with two stage folding action to a space above the engine bay automatically. In just short time the close top car is change; the roof is disappears and it become open air convertible as the right car to feel the wind and attract people attention.

Ferrari F340 will only available in Luxury Car Rental. If you try to find it on ordinary car rental, you will never find it. But relax; Miami have the best rental for luxury car. You will feel the best driving in Miami Beach as become the center of attention with amazing car.

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