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Miami BMW M6 Convertible Luxury Car Rental

Are you planning to go to Miami for vacation? Then you come up with a great idea as Miami is one of beautiful and exotic cities in the world. In order to make it easy for you to observe and explore the stunning view of Miami, you may need to refer to Miami luxury car rental. Exotic city may need to be completed with exotic and luxury car as well for you to drive. When it comes to exotic and luxury car, no one will ignore BMW car. With the marvelous design, BMW is ready to beautify your trip along Miami.
It is BMW M6 convertible where you can drive anywhere you like around Miami by renting it from Miami luxury car rental. With the convertible and impressive design, you can choose whether you to drive and enjoying the sun at the same time or not. The elegance will definitely suit your personality and style. The car actually comes with standard 6-series of BMW. However, you cannot ignore its 19-inch or optional 20-inch alloy wheels. The great appearance is then completed with LED corona rings.
In order to rent this elegant car, you may need to prepare at least $750, 00 for a day renting. When you need to drive it in a week, Miami luxury car rental probably offers you with at least $4400, 00. The price is in accordance with the comfort while driving. Luxury interior design awaits you with standard leather upholstery and heated M sports ventilated seat. The car is equipped with navigation system where you can get all traffic information through 10.2 inch display. Airbags are ready for your safety which cover dual front, side, side curtain and knee as well. Rent this car while you are in Miami and you will feel how luxury it is and how wonderful your trip would be.

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