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Vehicle is one of the important things people must deal with. It helps people to move from one place to another place easily. Bringing such things will also be much easier with the assistance of vehicle. There are many kinds of vehicle you can find in the market and one of them is car. Car is very popular among people. Compare to motorcycle, car can protect you from the sun and rain and allow you to bring stuff. The car bought may represent the owner’s personality. For example a person chooses a jeep. In this case he may enjoy the extraordinary driving and adventure. Bringing and driving your car to another city and country is possible but it may be tiring for you. Hence there are car rents to help you. If you are about to go to Miami or you are now in Miami, you may not need to drive your car. We, GP Luxury Rental will happily provide you cars to rent. Our car rental also provides you the news and update luxury car and you will be pleased to visit the website at

The company assists those who need a car to rent in the area of Miami, South Beach, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and also West Palm Beach. It focuses on providing the luxury cars to rent and to fulfill the prestige needs of driving. You can choose any car to rent and the cars are really exclusive, beautiful and fancy. There are some brands of the car you can find here and those are Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Ferrari. If you are the fan of Ford and Hummer, those cars can be found here. Lamborghini, Lincoln and Mercedes Benz are other examples. You can also rentMini Cooper, Porsche, land Rover, Rolls Royce and Volkswagen. Visit our Luxury Car rental and you may find the daily price of the rental. Each of the cars appears to have different price and the price also depends on the days you are going to rent. 48 hours before as the reservation is advised. Mercedes Benz for example as one of the most favorite and luxurious cars in the world.

Visiting Miami Car rental and having Mercedes Benz as your choice is a good idea. There are series of the car you will definitely find here, such as Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes Benz SL550,Mercedes Benz S550 and Mercedes Benz CLK500. Mercedes Benz is always considered as the one that belongs to high class lifestyle. The models of the cars are created beautifully to meet the prestige and luxury sense people are looking for. If you wish for elegance and glamorous car as well, you can choose Mercedes Maybach. $2299.99 appears to be its daily price for the rental. The car itself is built in 18-foot-length which you may find that it is special. Mercedes Maybach is completed with 12-cylinder engine where it is possible to deliver the power at 543 hp. The trunk and the doors are electronically closed. In specific for the interior, Mercedes Maybach appears with reclining rear seats like what you will find in first class airline. Moreover, the seat has electronically extendable footrests. Dolby stereo and video screens are already there in front headrests as the entertainment.