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It is the time to build your good image through the car you drive. Get the latest model of car from the Car Rental that offers you the best deal in renting the luxury car. Our car rental is GP Luxury Rental, a car rental with motto “Where Service is Our Priority”. Like our motto, GP Luxury Rental always focuses in the customer’s satisfaction by giving the best service for every customer. We provide many types of Luxury Car from Bentley to Porsche. When you are looking for the car for wedding, you have to think about renting the Porsche from us. It is very perfect remembering that Porsche is designed elegantly, so it will be match with the formal occasion like wedding. And there is only one place you have to choose to get the latest model of Porsche from Miami Car rental, GP Luxury Rental. We are the only car rental in Miami that combined between the special price, latest model of luxury car and the satisfaction of the customers in choosing the services here.

Like what explained briefly above, one of the luxury cars you can choose for your special occasion is Porsche. There are five types of Porsche available in our car rental: Cayenne, Carrera 4S, 911 Carrera, Panamera, and Boxter. You can choose one of them based on what occasion is the car for. For your wedding, you may consider about renting the Porsche Panamera. This is the type of Porsche with the silver color that matches with the white wedding dress. This car is designed elegantly and it will give the elegant touch of your wedding. The unique elegant of it shows that you choose the special thing for your most special day. The combination of the easiness to drive and the excellent speed can be things you have to consider in choosing this car. GP Luxury Rental offers less than $1000 for this amazing car. This price is much cheaper than another Luxury Car rental in Miami. With the features available in this Porsche and the special price offered to rent this car, there shouldn’t be another doubt for you to book this car now. You just need to click on right now and choose it for something special in your wedding.