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New 2013 Ford Fusion at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

This early month of the year is the time when popular cars were published and exhibited by their manufacturer. This is because there is a great Auto Show known as 2012 Detroit Auto Show. One of the popular brands which following this event is Ford. Ford came with their latest car design and it is called as 2013 Ford Fusion Actually, Ford wants to continue their success when they successfully sold up to 250.000 units of Ford Fusion sedan. 2013 Ford Fusion is supported by V-6 engine and they don’t want to loose their buyers who like to drive a hybrid car. For that reason, along with the engine there is also the additional of greener sedan.
You can just compare 2013 Ford Fusion to their previous car which presented at Frankfurt Auto Show namely Ford Evos Concept. We can see it from the roofline first which considered as an ordinary roofline. This is because some of new cars also use the same type of roofline on their latest car. To give more space for storage so the cabin is moved forward. To make it interesting the car is designed with metallic trim and vertical stack frame. In short, the display and the design of the car are strongly representing the European style. In the sense power of the car, the driver will drive a car with 170 horsepower with 2.5 liter capacity. To give more comfortable sense the car also supported by six-automatic transmission but to accommodate drivers who like to drive their car manually 2013 Ford Fusion is also prepared with 6-manual transmission but it is only for 1.6 liter capacity car.
Just like any other hybrid car, 2013 Ford Fusion can also driven by using battery. The good news is that this car is using larger lithium ion battery pack. To make it perfect and complete so 3.3 kilowatt charger and charging port are installed there. In short, Ford wants to make a combination car by launched a car with gasoline and battery as well. It is calculated that the rate of efficiency of the car is more than 100 MPG. From the explanation above you can predict whether this new Ford Fusion can be accepted by the market or not so they can continue their success moment this year. Based on the performance it is predicted that 2013 Ford Fusion has better performance if it is compared to Prius and 2012 Chevrolet Volt. So, we just need to wait and see the fact later.

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