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Rent Audi A5 Sport Back in Miami

b-b-audi-s5-2Do you need car but you specify it to luxurious car which can make you comfortable in driving it? There are many options you can choose. Luxurious cars are various from model, manufacturers, speed, and many more. One of the famous manufacturers which produce luxurious car is German company Audi. Audi has produced many cars which are innovative in using the latest technology in order to give the best feature to their customers. They are committed to use technology to support the safety driving.
Audi A5 Sport Back
One of the luxury cars that are ever produced by Audi is Audi A5 Sport Back. This is the car which is supported by Driver Information System (DIS). This is advanced technology which is supported Audi A5 Sport Back. It is located on the dash board which has information panel to help drivers drive safely even when they are tired. The panel is included indicator lamps to ease drivers. Besides helping and assisting driver when drive in tired condition the information panel also has emission control system to know about fuel condition, both quantity and quality. If the fuel used is not suitable with the car, the emission control system will give alert. There is drive select feature to make driver comfortable in driving those are dynamic sport drive, comfort cruise drive, and automatic or depending on speed used by driver. When one of the options is chosen, the car will suit the option including the work of steering wheel, engine, suspension, agility, acceleration response, and fuel consumption. This car can be rented in Miami luxury car rental.
For multimedia, this luxury car is supported by Multi Media Interface which consists of five features those are Car, Multimedia, Telephone, Radio, and Setting. This is four doors car with 2,000cc turbo capacity with 225 hp power and 350 Nm of torque.

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