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Rent BMW 335i Convertible

BMW is one famous brand for luxury car and BMW convertible make it look more luxurious when you can see the luxurious interior clearly when it convert to open roof car. But do you know why you must choose BMW 335i Convertible in Miami Car Rental?
One thing for sure is this isn’t a cheap car. Everybody knows that luxurious car must be very expensive. Although you finance it, you must struggle hard for the monthly payment. So if you really need to drive in luxury in your very tight budget, rent BMW 3351 Convertible in Car Rental is the best choice.
Appearance is the reason why you pick this car. From the outer look you will instantly see the luxurious appearance. The body design is crisp with innovative design on the headlight attributes with Xenon Adaptive and taillight improvement on the detail. Corona light rings as BMW signature is matched by kidney grille that widened to catch every eye. The interior is something more promising of luxury comfort while driving. The new touch on BMW 335i can reduce surface temperature to give comfortable environment for both driver and passenger. This temperature reduce is delivered by special leather treatment and light colored upholstery.
For convertible car, surface temperature takes a big part because the open roof driving will give you direct sunlight. BMW has high technology to reflect sunlight infrared radiation on their interior parts such as leather seat, head rest, armrest, and gear shifter to reduce surface temperature.
Talking about car will never complete if you do not mention the engine. 3.0 liter N55 turbocharged aluminum engine is use by BMW 335i to deliver 300 hp, torque of 300fblt and 7,000 rpm. The engine improvement makes it more responsive, smooth running and fuel-efficiency. For transmission, BMW 335i offer two type of sic-speed transmission of manual gear box and automatic Steptronic. So it is depend on your comfort feeling to drive it manually or automatically. This car also equipped by “pull-style” shift paddles on the sport package for more comfortable driving.
If you are visit Miami for the first time, it will hard to drive the car by your self because you don’t familiar with the street. But BMW navigation system will guide you to reach your destination. You will not get lost in the middle of no where.
Convertible car mean you can get two car types on single car. First is open roof car to feel the wind on your hair and the second is coupe car to protect you from rain, direct sunlight and wind blow, and make it look more formal for your business trip. BMW 335i convertible uses folding metal hardtop as the bridge between coupe and open roof appearance to come along with the new trend of convertible luxury car.
To find this ultimate convertible from BMW on Luxury Car Rental you can check it through online service. The official website will inform you about the availability of BMW 335i for rent. This car is quite popular so you need to act fast.