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Rent Ferrari 360 Spider for Miami Driving

Driving around in Miami will be nothing if you just use ordinary car. Whether you come to Miami for business or just for fun, luxury car is your best transportation. For businessman, luxury car will show how success you are and it will increase the value of your business proposal. But if you only want to have fun at Miami, luxury is necessity to show people that you are important. But the most important of luxury car is the comfort and safety it will give you. So it will better if you call Miami Car Rental and ask for luxury.
Wide options of luxury car will make you jump for excitement. Long list of world class luxury cars from well known manufacturer are promising you the best driving experience in Miami. Ferrari 360 Spider is one of them.
The Italian manufacturer is well known for it luxury sport car. The bright red color of the car is the characteristic of Ferrari that always attract people eyes. The exterior design is instantly show that this is luxury and very-very expensive car. The wonderful looks promising great performance and super comfort driving on the road.
As sport car, Ferrari 360 Spider is offering remarkable car performance. The engine is the most important part to support sport performance. This car use 3.6 liter V8 engine to reach the maximum 60 mph in 4.5 sec. the remarkable engine make Ferrari 360 Spider stands out from other luxury sport car. Ford, Porsche and Aston Martin cannot speak loud to beat it.
Ferrari is well known in Formula One as a great team with super fast car that won lots of race. Their Formula One experience is used to improve their road car, including this Ferrari 360 Spider which built up with Formula One transmission. The aluminum chassis, including mid-engine and active suspension make this car very light to run very fast on the road.
Although the steering wheel, seat and shock design seems not so comfortable for long distance journey. But the integrated system give the driver a very comfortable driving experience and sport-mode active suspension equipped in this car is way more comfort for both driver and car. This feature allow tracked over the bumps easily without hurting the chassis since electronic dampers are come along with this features to give reaction up to 0.04 sec.
People in the Luxury Car Rental knew the facts and if you ask them about the best sport car, they may suggest you to take this Ferrari 360 Spider. Excellent speed, transmission, breaks and suspension stands out loud from other sport cars.
To make it more complete, the interior design on this Ferrari 360 Spider will complete driver’s convenient and satisfaction. The look is very simple since almost every feature in interior design is finish with standard metallic trim. But high quality material used is speaking more for comfort. In the Car Rental showroom, you may see that this car is quite attractive, even without electroluminescent lit on the gauge just like other luxury cars.