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Review of BMW 750 LI Sedan

bmw750li_01BMW is one of the most popular car companies in the world. There are many luxurious cars have been released by BMW. One of the newest series from BMW is BMW 750 LI Sedan. BMW gives more elegant design in the exterior of this car. The fog lights and lower air of BMW 750 LI Sedan have been reworked. Now, BMW uses LED light for the car. But you will get older design in light if you buy BMW for M Sport design. The intakes look great because BMW also give splashes of chrome right there.
The revolution is on the bumper and the taillights too. You can see that there is a large strip with chrome color in the bumper. The color in taillights is combination of black and red. You will enjoy the bottom line because BMW 750 LI Sedan has the new 7 series. It makes the car look more luxury. The wheels are shinny and they are 21 inch. The power of the car also gets upgrade. It has more 45 hp stronger than the older version. The transmission is automatic. It has 8 speeds that can be used easily by the driver.
BMW 750 LI Sedan also has many high class of technology. There are four zone climate controls. The seats can be set in heat or cool. It is useful if the weather outside is unpredictable. There is premium audio that will give better voice for the driver when they are listening for music or radio. The special one is the voice navigation system. All of them make BMW 750 LI Sedan become one of the best cars this year. If you want to try this car, you can rental it first. You can go to Miami luxury rental car to get this stuff.

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