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Riding with Bumblebee

What’s interesting on Transformers the Movie? Well, beside the hot and sexy Megan Fox, this movie is full of hot rods. It would be great if we can drive one of those fantastic cars. Among the many characters in this movie, Bumblebee is among the most popular ones. Off course you already knew that bumblebee is based on the all new Chevrolet Camaro, one of the finest American hot rod ever built.
Even long before it appears on Transformers the Movie, Chevrolet Camaro has been identical with American hot rod legacy. The all new Chevrolet Camaro, as appeared as Bumblebee, is the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro designed to bring the legacy of Chevrolet Camaro to present time. It still has the characteristic of big block engine and sporty looks. With V6 or V8 engine and such a great performance, this car is really built to show off and where else would be perfect to show off with Chevrolet Camaro Convertible than the sunny Miami roads. Here at GP Luxury Rental, we are the leading Miami car rental specializing in luxurious and sporty cars. We have various collections of fancy cars to rent including our collections of Chevrolet Camaro. We can assure you that here in Southern Florida, we are the only car rental service renting all new Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. You can rent it from our showroom and get a great experience while you are driving this beautiful car on Miami roads and beaches. It is guaranteed that no hot chicks would turn their eyes from you.
Our Chevrolet Camaro Convertibles are guaranteed to be the latest series in the market. Just like all of our cars, those Chevrolet Camaro Convertibles have been customized with finest quality parts to make it much comfortable and higher performance. Our mechanics would make sure that all cars are in the best condition and ready for any call when you need support while you rent our car. We are proud to day that we are more than just luxury car rental service but also committed to your highest satisfaction.
Renting luxury car including our Chevrolet Camaro Convertible wouldn’t be difficult. You can visit our website to learn more about our car and book it for your Miami vacation. Through our online car rental service, you can easily fill the online reservation form to rent your preferred car for any designated time. You will get the quote shortly and once you confirmed it, the car will be ready for you. You don’t need to bother to go to our showrooms to pick the car you rent. We will deliver it to your hotel or even hand it on the airport at your arrival time. It also works the same when you want to hand it back to us. You can compare to other car rental service and you will easily learn that there’s nothing could be compared with GP Luxury car. We can offer you the best car at the best price and support it with the best customer service. You can enjoy your Miami vacation with highly cool Chevrolet Camaro Convertible. There’s only one thing you may regret; that the Camaro won’t be turning into robot.