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Sporty Ferrari 458 Spider Italia

Are you a fan of sporty luxurious car? Then you must have known about Ferrari 458 Italia which was marketed for the first time in 2009. This car has its twin, Ferrari 458 Spider Italia which is called sportier than its predecessor. Sporty cars are showing your personality and many of those cars are also showing luxury. Sporty cars cost much because they are designed using the latest and most advanced technology and made for high class customers. Having sporty luxurious car like Ferrari 458 Spider Italia is a dream of many people.
Ferrari 458 Spider Italia
When you ever look at Paris Hilton’s Ferrari and amazed by its greatness, then you need to know this car which is also very great. Ferrari 458 Spider Italia, like the predecessor Ferrari 458 Italia, is supported by V-8 machine. The machine is capable of spewing power up to 462 Bhp at 9,000 rpm with torque reaching 540 Nm which is distributed by the transmission of dual-clutch seven-speed F1 paddle shift. The sportier appearance is resulted from the automobile roof which can be closed and opened only with fourteen seconds. But this system causes the car is heavier than Ferrari 458 Italia by fifty kilograms. The ability of the car decrease because of this system. The acceleration from idle to 100 kilometers needs 3.4 seconds. The weight also decrease the speed of this car compared to its predecessor but even so, the car is still one of the fastest convertible cars.
Buy versus Rental
Despite the attractiveness, it is rare for people not to want it. But the price of this kind of luxury cars is extremely high. That is why many people are only dreaming it. But it will not stop you from experiencing using this car. There is miami luxury car rental. This is the place where you can get this luxurious car.

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