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The Ambitious Coupé: Lamborghini Aventador

downloadSatisfy your love for exotic cars in every Miami luxury car rental. Each rental has everything you want to ride on, including the latest Lamborghini Aventador coupé series, the 2014 LP 700-4. The car has a strikingly eye pleasuring orange exterior, and an elegant all-black interior. This Lamborghini Aventador has all the sophisticated futuristic qualities, embedded in its body.
The engine and performance

With the strength of 700 horsepower motor and a V12 cylinders, Lamborghini Aventador sure is one of the fastest beauty ever existed. Long-known as a family of supercars, this one has an all wheel drive with a 7-speed automated manual transmission. Speed is not a question. The Aventador has a top speed of 217 miles per hour, and you can accelerate within 2.9 seconds. It is going to bring your wildest side out, this Lamborghini Aventador.
Elegance in its interior
Miami luxury car rental always pays attention not only to the exteriors, but also the interiors. This coupé series of Lamborghini Aventador offers a fixed roof ride with two seats. This car has been built so thoughtfully with multi-level heating passanger seats and height-adjustable features. For the most of its appearance, the Aventador’s interior is embellished with premium leather quality. The seats, the steering wheel, roof lining, and every grip is covered with the best leather qualities. For passengers’ comfort, the Lamborghini Aventador is also equipped with the necessary technology such as climate control, sun sensor, and four speakers that make the best of your picked music. The “Sensonum” premiun sound system will awe you with the best sound output.
The Lamborghini Aventador is regarded as one of the most expensive among its peers. But that answers questions regarding its superb quality. You will always be satisfied, everytime you sit behind the wheel of this top-notch Aventador from Miami luxury car rental.

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