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The Attractive Chevrolet Sonic 2012

Traffic is getting crazier day by day. Its look like millions cars run on the road every minutes and give you very small space to move. With this crazy traffic driving big car will be troublesome. This is why small car become very popular these days since it is compact and suitable to deal with small space. And since year 2012 is just right in front of you, the newest model of Chevrolet Sonic 2012 is ready to be one best small car of the year.
The first impression of Chevrolet Sonic 2012 is attractive look due to its inferno orange metallic color. The color is something different with other car that usually come in basic color like black, white, silver, blue and red. The orange metallic is so suitable for young and energetic driver. It can be a good car for first time drivers in their 16th. But it is also good for older driver with young spirit. It can make you the center of attention when you drive and park the car.
Orange is very attractive color, but that not the only attraction of sonic. The exterior is very funky with exposed headlights and taillights to catch more eyes. It is hatchback car with sunroof which helps it to look sporty. It is just amazing for the youngsters. But if you don’t like hatchback and wish for more formal look there is sedan version for sonic 2012.
Just the outer look is not enough; we need to see the inside for comfortable driving. Sonic 2012 dual cockpit interior and graphite silver accents for instrument cluster is the first attraction when you open the door. For the comfort of your hand it provides you with three-spoke steering wheel. The thick rim of the wheel is the key of optimal grip when you grab and hold it with your hand. The front seat made from perforated leatherette heated is available for LTZ model. And to make you feel more comfort it is complete by turn-buy-turn navigation5. And to enjoy your driving more, Bluetooth wireless allows you to connect with select Smartphone and stream for your favorite music. There is also Sonic mobile apps7 for Sonic power on your palm.
Safety is the other positive review of sonic 2012. With 10 standard air bags4 Sonic come as the first car use this safety items in its class. And it also support with six months On Star5 standard. It is all comfort and safety for both driver and passengers.
Car review will never complete without engine. Sonic 2012 is using 1.4L turbocharged engine ECOTEC to be dynamic and aggressive car with excellent torque to reach up to 60mph in just 8.2 second. It is 6-speed manual transmission for smooth driving on the road and every corner.
Sonic look so attractive from the outside and become more attractive when you see the inside. But not only the appearance but it performance is wonderful, this is small car that very suitable for city road on the busy days to move aggressively between cars and catch people eyes.

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