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The Best Option of Ferrari as Rented Vehicle

6059577144_0cc36d9379_zA luxury car may just be your dream. But you have a right to enjoy the sophistication of the vehicle. In miami luxury car rental, you may want to rent a car that can satisfy your desire. In the meantime, you can drive it while enjoying the journey. Of course, people will look at you. They may think that you are the owner or just a driver. But who cares about that? Moreover, you will be driving luxury car like F12 Berlinetta.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a product that takes a lot of attention. There are many people who admire this sporty car for several reasons. First of all, Ferrari is still a flagship luxury car list is always occupied. With numerous releases, you can compare one with another. And anyway, its cool sporty car and you can proud of it. Meanwhile, the shape is very tough, with a speed of 730 horsepower. It’s all because there is a capacity of 6.3 liter V12 engine. Meanwhile, you can spend hours to observe the interior and exterior of the car. From the list of the ten best car of this type was ranked at number 3.
Ferrari FF
Well, for other reasons, you can see Ferrari FF. This car uses a V12 engine, which produces 651 6.300cc horsepower. For people who love speed, Ferrari has always been a flagship that is difficult to surpass. Moreover, there are many advantages of these perfect machines. Well, this type is also a concern of many people because it can reach 334 km/h. So, what are your options? If you choose the former, you have a certain taste in terms of look and style. Meanwhile, you can also find the same thing on the second option. Whatever your choice, you could be respected by the road users; if it’s a Ferrari.

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