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The Luxurious Hummer H2

Luxurious is expensive, high quality, high performance, high safety, and super stylish appearance. Hummer H2 covers all of them and become one luxurious car in the world. When people hear Hummer, no matter what type is it, they already know it must be all about luxury driving.
The main part of luxury is the expensive price, and hummer price is something that only rich people can buy. If you just ordinary employee that still struggling enough to pay your bills you better forget the dream of buy hummer for you. You can contact the nearest Car Rental if you so desperate to drive hummer H2. In Miami, driving luxury car can increase your confident and take attention form others, so if you want to experience luxury driving in luxurious Hummer H2 you can contact Miami Car Rental.
High quality is the second terms of luxury, no one will buy expensive car without quality. Hummer H2 is sport utility truck with spacious interior, for wheel drive and front engine car, have off-road ability yet still suitable for on-road driving in comfort because it is complete with much feature. Tri-zone climate control, premium sound system, leather upholstery, power sunroof, adjustable rear suspension, navigation system and rear view camera are the examples of Hummer H2 features.
Hummer H2 performance is delivered by two type of engine. One type is V8 engine 6.0 liter 325 hp and the second type is V8 engine 6.2 liter 393 hp. Hummer H2 offers four-speed 4L60E transmission and six-speed 6L80E automatic transmission.
For safety, Hummer H2 delivers three safety systems that are before, during and after impact, in case you meet emergency situation you cannot avoid accident. Before is preventive action with Tire pressure monitoring with indicator light if one of the tire pressure is fall down below the minimum limit. Children safety is the other concern by Hummer. Although Hummer H2 is off-road car for man but it can also use on-road for family. They provide latch for anchoring children in the rear seat, and child security lock on the rear door. The other preventive system is daytime light running to increase visibility of other drivers to the car in daylight. Safety system during impact are head curtain side air bags for passenger protection and dual front air bags for protection of driver and front passengers. The after impact safety system I On-Start system which work automatically to call On-Star advisor and giving your exact location when the air bags are deploy. The On-Star advisor will contact you in case you need assistance.
Stylish appearance is something no one can defeat Hummer H2. This is longer, higher yet slimmer and lighter design of military look. The car is so masculine and promising you to conquer any hard track in front of you. On the fist look you must recognize it luxury and in Luxury Car Rental, Hummer H2 take a special part. If you want big luxurious off-road truck, you eyes will automatically focus on Hummer H2.

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