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The Recent New Cars

In this valuable chance, I would like to share some information that might be useful for all automotive lovers around the world. As the main discussion topic this time, I will tell you about the latest cars edition. There will be two kinds of car that I will elaborate on this page. Those two cars are from famous manufacturers like Nissan and Honda. These cars have become the discussion subject among most of the domestic automotive observers. I believe that you also wish to know what is great behind the physical look of the cars. Without wasting more time, I will begin the discussion now.
The first car that I want to inform to you is made by Nissan. I am sure that all of you know Grand Livina best. The new edition of this car has been the best line-up Japanese car in the Indonesian markets. There is one thing that looks different in this latest car. In the car body, the bulge in the grill bars is now omitted. As a result, it has more elegant look. The omission is actually out of Nissan’s elegance theme. However, Nissan adds a storage drawer above the dashboard to cover it. In this new car edition, both of the automatic and manual transmission engines are still maintained. By considering the demands in the market, this car is only provided in Ultimate 1.8 variant. Related to the interior entertainment, this car has been completed with CD player as well as memory card reader and Bluetooth which enable the driver to select music storage media more freely. In addition, DVD player in the dashboard with combination of monitors in the headrest want to emphasize the family function of the car. Airbags for passengers have also become standard feature of the car. In my opinion, the most impressive part of the car is its economical fuel use.
The next car that I want to share is a sedan car by Honda. I believe that most of you have recognized All New Honda City. In comparison to the previous edition, this car is better in terms of design and power. Its functions are even broader, both as city and long-distant cars. The same as Grand Livina, this car is also well known for its economical use of fuel. In the front side, its bumper and grill are designed specifically stylish. Yet, they still give protection for pedestrian by the existence of some sophisticated components, such as hood structure, front fender, as well as wiper pivot. Meanwhile, in the rear side, the design is unified with squares on the stop lamps. Then, its G-CON technology is able to prevent the passengers to suffer from a great bump when they are inside the car. The interior design of this car is also the same as that of other luxurious cars. The audio instruments have been completed with AUX connectivity and USB which are ready to entertain both of the driver and the passengers during their way using the car. It can be said that owning this car only has made you able to cover all your elegant, comfy, and sophisticated car needs.