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Three Newest Kia Cars Models Receive Certificate from TUV Nord

If we pay attention, the number of car user is increasing from day to day. The road is getting crowded. Everyday, cars of many brands and manufacturers pass the road. Each car produces emissions and contributes to air pollution. As the number of car users growing outnumbers, the pollution will get worse. Realizing this bad environment condition, car manufacturer should make innovation on their car. The innovation should be weighed to reduce pollution. The CO 2 emission of the car has to be reduced. Actually, many car manufacturers have raced to produce car that friendly toward environment. KIA is one manufacturer that has got certificate in 2011. The certificate has been achieved because of its success in producing car that is friendly to environment. There are some types of car by KIA that receives certificate. It will be explained in detail in the next two paragraphs.
KIA has gain success as car manufacturers. Their latest three model of their car has achieved certificate given by TUV Nord. It is independent organization of technical inspection. By receiving the certificate, it is affected to the reputation of Kia as one of car biggest car manufacturers. It can also influence to the marketing of those three certified cars from KIA. There are some parameters that TUV applies in giving certificate on those three cars. The first parameter is the choice of the material, the second one is the amount of emission, and last one is the recycling factor. TUV has conducted researched on those three cars and decided to give certificate to them. The inspection and research has been done during the manufacturing process. It is inspected thoroughly by the independent car inspection organization. Those three newest cars from KIA are Picanto, Rio, and also Optima. In each of the Exotic and Luxury Cars, it will contribute to combat pollution in our earth.
Besides receiving certificate from TUV, those three cars also get ISO certificate. KIA continues to promote and produce environmentally friendly car. Combined with detail precision, luxurious design, and high quality of the engine, the car is very competitive in today’s car market. The three certified new cars from KIA have been published to wide market in the middle and end of 2011. Those three cars have been accepted with warm welcome at the market. It gains positives respond. It can be said as breakthrough in car manufacturing industry. It also proves that KIA is also responsible to the health and safety of environment.