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Upcoming Coupe Bentley Continental Super Sports

What automobile which will be popular year to year is always attracting people. There are many luxurious cars which will be released soon. These cars compete in their own class to attract people. Coupe is one of the most popular luxurious cars. Do you want to know about what will be the most popular car in 2014? Here you can not only know about the car but get the chance to try using this car. There are many occasions you can attend using this car.
Coupe Bentley Continental Super Sports
This car has 650 horse powers and planned to be released in 2014. A fiber carbon will be used in this car so the weight of this car will be lighter. It is supported by stiff suspension, a cabin, and twin turbo W12 engine. Bentley Super Sports latest model was released in 2009 before the continental model. This upcoming model will be long term model. To make the car lighter, there is light composite seat. At the back, there are only two seats. This is different with Bentley Continental GT Super Sports. The target of this car is older people who love Ferrari during their young age. W12 engine Bentley New Continental GT is a 2-door coupe with a 4-seat. Super Sport uses W12 engine, twin turbo, with a capacity of 6,000 cc, 4-Nokken as (camshaft), and 48 valves that produces 567 PS@6.000 Nm@1.700 rpm and torque 700 rpm. This engine is claimed can use E85 ethanol fuel.
Where to Rent
When you need luxurious car, there are always places where you can get it. One of the places is miami luxury car rental. You need to check the car condition before you bring the car from rental location. For the new model, when it is released, it does not take much time to be available in luxury car rental.

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