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Which is Better, Hyundai Genesis, Volvo S80, or Lincoln MKS?

2012-Volvo-S80-rear-viewIf we look at the 2013 Hyundai Genesis, 2013 Volvo S80 and 2013 Lincoln MKS you will definitely be able to make sure that a third car this car is a very popular by their lovers automotive world. Here, we will compare the car from the side of the third price, pros and cons, and the exterior and interior as well. The third car that came from the three different car brands is included in the luxury cars that come out in 2013 which is a luxury car scale new international hits.
Hyundai Genesis has a price of about $ 33,094 constitutes the lowest prices compared to the Volvo S8 i.e. $ 34,975, and the most expensive of the three, namely the Lincoln MKS with $ 41,179. The Hyundai Genesis is very superior in power base engine is a standard of luxury cars, plus a long list of standard features that are better than the Volvo. The Lincoln MKS and the Hyundai Genesis both have the comfort of being number 1 in the Interior, followed by Volvo. But there are flaws in the Hyundai Genesis interior material that is questionable, as Lincoln’s interior is also still relatively cheap, not as glorified by other luxury car.
When we talk with the exterior, all three are equally included in the sedan car. Volvo has minus due to the lack of dual and sliding sunroof, not like Hyundai and Lincoln that provide both. Volvo excels in Rear air conditioning because Hyundai and Lincoln did not have a Rear air conditioning standard as Volvo. Air conditioning standard is crucial for the comfort which is the most important interior in the luxury cars. From what has been stated above, which is the best out of three is depended on each taste of the consumers as it could not stated objectively which is better between Hyundai Genesis, Volvo S80, and Lincoln MKS.

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