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GP Luxury Rental specializes in exotic and luxury car rental in Miami with the most affordable and competitive prices including South Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

We are one of the best and well-known car rental sites where we offer an excellent and vast range of luxury and exotic car rental in Miami.

We have the most exclusive high-end cars, convertible, sports, SUV and sedan for rent in Miami for your comfort and easy touch. You can get the best perfect car and attractive deals for major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Beach, Palm Beach, Naples, Key West, and many more. Get your perfect exotic vehicles with GP Luxury Rental and save.

We service Miami International Airport (MIA) – Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) – Palm Beach Airport (PBI)

We are in business to serve the needs of the world most renowned personalities and corporate leaders. With the help of our VIP and executive clients, GP Luxury Rental has been one of the primary and exclusive providers of luxury and exotic cars in Miami.

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Our vehicles are available by reserving with 48 hours in advance. For more information you can contact us at 1-786-532-3910

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GP Luxury Rental specializes in luxury car rentals and exotic cars rental in Miami with affordable prices including South Beach, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach Florida.

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Thanks for visiting our website We welcome you to our website, as we offer a lot of rental cars deals for the busiest airports like Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL), Miami International Airport (MIA), and Palm Beach Airport (PBI) in major cities like Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. There are a lot of cheap and easy deals for a few other airports in other cities.

If you want a luxury and cheap rental near you, search for luxury vehicles rental by your zip code. It will be easy for you to rent a rolls royce and find an exotic and affordable luxury rental car like our rolls royce ghost at your convenient delivery.


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THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING GP LUXURY RENTAL is one of the best and well-known car rental booking sites and has been approved and ranked by Smart Travel. We provide an excellent and vast range of luxury and exotic cars for rent. We have been featured and encouraged by multiple traveling websites and companies as some people need cars for vacations and tours. There will be no problem with your in-car selection as we have given the authority over the vehicle’s reservation and price after booking.


Either you are looking for sports, high-end, luxury and exotic cars, with our competitive prices we have many vehicles to select from. There are many cars with different sizes and models. If you have a family with many people, no need to worry, we have pickups and many other cars for it.

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We have cheap as well as upscale rentals with premium and luxury car options. You can compare our packages for each car using matrix layout and filters on desktop and mobile, respectively.

With the use of filters, you will get the best and catchy rental cars of your choice. You will be able to find affordable and cheap rental cars available at We offer different rental plans for airports, cities, tours, trips, and other areas and have a wide range to cover your expenses.

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We have made a few keys and basic terms and conditions for car use during your journey. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before booking a car at Also, keep in mind about the expenses during the trip like taxes, refueling, fees, drivers under 25 and late drop-off, other than your entire journey’s charges.

If you have any issue with booking a car and want to know about rent, contact us at 1-786-566-3338 or email at Our vehicles are available by reserving 48 hours in advance. Book your luxury rental cars quickly and get 25% discounts for the first few bookings.